Global Software Engineering European Master

The GSEEM Master programme prepares future software engineers to work in distributed professional environments where collaborators are distant in their geographical location, in their personal and organizational culture, and in their professional practices.
Global Software Engineering (GSE) combines technical engineering expertise with socio-cultural, organizational, and communication competences. This combination provides the future generation of global software professionals with the skills necessary to build innovative software in a global environment and to successfully manage global software projects.
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Technical expertise

Technical areas in which the GSEEM partner universities excel are: model-driven analysis and design, real-time embedded systems, and web systems and services. Everyday examples include: Web 2.0 applications like Napster and services like Google and Amazon; tele-medicine and e-governement; airport traffic control or pay-per-view home entertainment.
The GSEEM programme includes subjects like: component-based and service oriented architectures; product lines development in industry fields like automotive and consumer electronics; analysis and design of quality requirements like security, performance or usability; development of Web services and alignment with user requirements.

This European Master programme will give you this expertise!

We will teach you to become acquainted with global issues that become important in the software engineering profession. You will learn to interact with global collaborators in an effective way, recognizing and understanding cultural differences and turning them in an advantage. You will be able to manage and participate in large distributed projects developing software systems in the most challenging software engineering areas. You will be able to share and communicate the right professional knowledge across geographical and sociological boundaries. During your studies you will collaborate with students from different European countries, learning from each other and enjoying studying together. Part of your study will take place in a different European country, providing you with a great experience and enriching your professional curriculum. The different institutions participating in this European Master programme are specialised in different aspects of engineering large software systems. Using these specialities, a multidisciplinary approach is offered to give you a holistic perspective and understanding. This prepars you to serve as a future manager of IT software projects, or a chief architect or a main analyst of software systems, or a project leader in a global distributed environment.

GSEEM is the first master program specifically devoted to global aspects in software engineering, taking into account the GSE technical, socio-cultural, organisational, and communicational interdisciplinary factors.

Socio-cultural, organizational, and communication competencies

Social and cultural diversity causes problems in communication, mutual understanding, setting priorities, getting commitment, setting up social- and knowledge networks, and the like. It characterizes GSE in which traditional/distributed SE practices must be adapted/(re-)defined to explicitly identify socio-cultural distances, identify the associated risks influencing GSE and apply risk mitigation solutions.
Organisational and management issues are related to the selection of the most suitable organisational structure, the separation of responsibilities, the clear definition of ownership, compliance to local standards and laws, and the like.
Communication aspects are crucial. A combination local and global of a communication provided in a systematic way and using different means is the main condition for a successful GSE project. While many new communication tools appear on the market, their usage in context of global development is not established nor covered by traditional/distributed SE.